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Shamanic Healing

My Wellbeing Journey

Around eighteen years ago when I began my training with the Four Winds Society, created by Dr Alberto Villoldo,

I knew I was doing more than just healing my own past, I knew that one day I would use all this knowledge

and experience to help others heal themselves from their past and step into their future as someone new.

Alongside my shamanic training with the Four Winds Society,

I have completed the progressive course in neuroscience and brain/heart coherence meditation, by Dr Joe Dispenza. 

Shamanic Healing

''The shaman holds the sacred space

and when you feel safe enough to let go, healing happens.''

Shamanic Healing is the oldest form of healing known to man.

The energy medicine techniques that I use come from the 

Q’ero shamans of Peru, the descendants of the Inka.


Our physical body is surrounded by the LEF, luminous energy field and this is our energetic body. 

The LEF holds the imprint of all of our past experiences and is a map that reveals the many destiny lines available to you.

An Illumination is the foundation of the energy medicine techniques we use to clear

 the energy stuck in the luminous energy body.

Once we begin clearing the blockages in the energy 

body, we can then begin to heal the wounds that 

keep us held in our past.

Fire ceremonies

 to cleanse, transform and heal

Fire ceremonies help you to release your old stories 

and cleanse your luminous energy field

Soul Retrieval

Soul retrieval is a process that allows deep healing from original wounds that continue to inform our present reality. In shamanic healing, the shaman journeys on behalf of the client to discover the original wound that derailed their destiny and set them on a course of fate. At the time of trauma, we can disassociate from the deepest part of ourselves, and a part of our soul leaves us. This soul part remains in grace where there is no trauma and the wounded part stays living within you until it is healed. Through soul retrieval, you can heal the wounded part of yourself and welcome your soul part back to wholeness.


The Extraction Process is when we remove intrusive energies that do not belong to us and we then release them back to Nature

to honor and transform them. We then work on changing the affinities which attracted them to you in the first place.

Brain/Heart Coherence


Living by the hormones of stress, in the familiar past or predictable future, can signal incoherent brain waves, diminishing our energy body and wellbeing.

When the brain signals coherent brain waves, it creates an electric charge that connects with the magnetic

charge from the heart.

Together this creates brain/heart coherence and harmony is restored to our whole body.

This is a harmonic symphony of our vibration and as our frequencies become more fine-tuned, we become more 

balanced and coherent. 

Maintaining our energy body leads to maintaining optimum holistic health and wellbeing.

A Shamanic Healing Session

A Shamanic Healing session begins the clearing of the energy blockages 

in the LEF, the Luminous Energy Field.

Brain/Heart coherence meditation continues the healing of the past self.

Letting go of the thoughts, behaviours and beliefs that bind you to those past 

emotions, is the beginning of a powerful transformation into your future self.

Every session is tailored to your own personal healing journey 

and includes a New Vision Map to help integrate your session.

Shamanic Healing: £90

Each session is around 1.5 hours

“To become completely healed is to become the healer – bringing the beauty and meaning you found into the world.”

Dr Alberto Villoldo