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A Nutrition Consultation

 involves an in depth chat about your current diet and 

lifestyle habits.

A review of your medical history and family history is taken into consideration and personal goals are set to implement healthier lifestyle habits.

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Feng Shui

A Feng Shui Consultation

involves a detailed analysis of 

the energy flow in your home.

A map is drawn up of the areas that need balancing and

space clearing solutions 

are implemented 

to bring harmony and 

personal alignment.

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A Mindfulness Consultation

 involves an analysis of 

self limiting thoughts and beliefs that are blocking your personal potential.

Mindful techniques and 

energy medicine are implemented

for personal growth and transformation.

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Juice Packages

Organic cold-pressed juice

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Personal Nutrition Shopper

Personalised shopping list with recipe box

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Wellbeing Boxes

Gift boxes & Gift vouchers

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