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Imagine being part of a principled and responsible network of like-minded individuals, with

the power to expand the TLC Project for the benefit of every community.

Imagine being a co-creator of fun, exciting and inspiring projects and experiments that

stimulate our collective imagination and provide meaning and purpose for all involved.

Imagine co-creating a global community of authentic and thoughtful people, agreeing to use

their collective power and value to build a better future for people and planet, through the

principles of Truth, Empowerment and Community … welcome to the TEC Collective!

We believe that there are millions of people who share our vision of health and wellbeing

for people and planet. ‘Push the button’ is an invitation to all the mindful individuals who

resonate with the TLC Project vision, and who would like to support our exciting ‘one in a

million’ crowdfunding challenge to help fund the building of our proof-of-concept TLC

Project centre in Sussex, UK.

Put simply, the TLC Project is a joint collaboration between Constandia ‘Dandy’ Christofi of

Silverdragon Wellbeing Ltd, Ray Edwards of Fantastic Concepts Ltd and the TEC Collective -

all those who would like to co-create and be involved.

Our vision is ambitious, challenging and has the potential to be hugely rewarding for all

stakeholders … it’s all possible and the time to act is Now.

Now is where all our futures begin … Enjoy!

To become a co-creator of one of the most ambitious and exciting open source freedom

projects of the 21st Century, simply push the button and become the TEC Collective … we’ll

see you there!