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The practise of Feng Shui

A powerful tool for self-transformation


How Everything Always Leads To Healing

I found this out on my own journey of transformation and it all  began with Feng Shui.

Feng Shui is a great tool to help you begin your personal transformation.

A journey of transformation from the old you- into who you are becoming, 

stepping into your true potential.

Clearing - cleansing – purifying, are all words that describe the first step of 

practising Feng Shui.

To make space for something new to come into our lives, we first have to clear away the old stuff, the stuff that doesn’t serve us anymore.

The Eight Aspirations

In Compass Formula Feng Shui we always begin with the Eight Aspirations chart.

With this chart, we are taking a deeper look at your life through the lens of your home as each section of the compass relates to a part of your life.

South represents Recognition and Fame

North – Career Prospects

East – Family and Health

West – Children and New Beginnings

Southwest – Marriage and Romantic Happiness

Southeast – Wealth and Prosperity

Northwest – Mentors and Networking

Northeast – Education and Knowledge

Your home reflects back a picture of your life situation. Feng Shui becomes a practical map of your life, whereby you can focus in on a particular area that you want to work on, bringing harmony and healing to that area of your life.

As the energy of your home improves, the personal transformation begins and an opportunity for balance, wholeness and healing arrives as you go through all areas of your home - reflections of yourself and ultimately your life.

Clearing - cleansing – purifying each section of your home is where you begin healing yourself through the practise of Feng Shui. 

To get started you will need a compass to see where the sectors appear in your home. I have put together a Feng Shui starter pack with a compass and a chart to get you started. 

Feng Shui: 1.5hr £90

Includes the Pa Kua chart Feng Shui reading of your home

For full Compass Formula Feng Shui for Home and work place please contact me at [email protected]