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Dandy's Store

3 Day Juice Cleanse

Organic Cold-pressed Juice 

Includes: 9 x 500ml juices 

3 x Bright Green, 3 x Deep Orange, 3 x Ruby Red

3 Day Juice Cleanse

Personalised Juice Package

Organic cold-pressed juices

Includes: 6 x 500ml juices tailored to your personal nutritional requirements

Personalised Juice Package

1 week Celery Juice Cleanse

Organic cold-pressed juice

7 x 500ml celery juices

3 Day Juice Cleanse

Smoo Ju Package

3 Day Smoothie and Juice Package

Day 1 Cleanse 

500ml Celery Juice 

500ml Bright Green Juice 

500ml Ruby Red Juice 

500ml Spiral Burst Smoothie 

Day 2 Recovery 

500ml Celery Juice 

500ml Bright Green Juice 

500ml Ruby Red Juice 

500ml Cacao Delight Smoothie

Day 3 Energise

500ml Celery Juice 

500ml Bright Green Juice 

500ml Deep Orange Juice 

500ml Green Magic Smoothie

3 Day Cleanse Juice & Smoothie Package

Dandy's Raw Choc Hearts

Organic, vegan, raw chocolate hearts

Minimum order 6 Hearts - 10g each

Includes 6 various flavours: Cacao Bean, Orange Burst, Just Vanilla,  Mint Almond, Ocean Boost, Fruity Crunch, Purple Wonder

Raw Choc Hearts

Single Raw Choc Bars

(please confirm your selected flavour at the checkout)

Single Raw Choc Bars

New Vision Program

Welcome to the New Vision Program.

A three day program that brings together the three areas of

Nutrition, Feng Shui and Mindfulness.

The program is designed to inspire a new beginning, to let go of the past, transform and step into a new vision of the future.

The cost of the New Vision Program is £280 


A detailed personalised holistic report with supplement plan

and 7 day meal planner

A Nutrition consultation 

A Feng Shui consultation 

3 x Personalised mindfulness meditations

3 x 500ml cold pressed organic juices

3 x 500ml superfood smoothies

Includes local delivery

Click here for more wellbeing workshops

New Vision Program