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Constandia Christofi




College of Naturopathic Medicine

 Feng Shui

 ‘The Lillian Too Institute of Feng Shui' Malaysia

Energy Medicine

Shamanic Healing with ‘The Four Winds Society’ 

Dr. Alberto Villoldo

Neuroscientific Brain/Heart Coherence

Dr. Joe Dispenza

My Journey so far...

My wellbeing journey began when I developed an interest in Feng Shui 

as a tool to assist my own personal challenges in life. 

Looking deeper still, 

I was led to begin the shamanic healing program at the Four Winds Society. 

Working with energy medicine and healing my own wounds from the past, brought an 

enrichment to my practice as a wellbeing consultant.

Having recently completed the Dr. Joe Dispenza progressive course on neuroscientific 

healing and meditation, I am really excited to be combining this with shamanic healing.

This will form the basis of my Transformative Meditation courses that support personal transformation 

and healing, by bringing science and ancient wisdom together with quantum physics 

and shamanic healing practices.

Nutrition was always a passion of mine and I attended many seminars and workshops 

before deciding to qualify as a Nutritional Therapist. 

Having experienced my own digestive issues for many years and now having healed myself, 

I love to help others find their balance through healing of mind, body and spirit.

My love of raw cacao led to the creation of my own raw chocolate brand!

To find out more visit Dandy's Raw Choc